What do I need to bring?

See what to bring for more details


Do I need a visa?

Yes, though no preparation is required on your part. Tourist visas of 30 days are issued upon arrival at Dili Airport. The normal fee is $30US


What’s the weight limit on my luggage?

This will depend on the airline you are travelling on. Average weight allowance is usually 20kg.


Do I need to book accommodation in Dili pre and post race?

Yes, but not yet. We are currently finalizing details with hotels in Dili.


Do I need travel insurance?

Absolutely. It is the individual’s responsibility to obtain travel insurance and travel insurance is mandatory for international competitors. There are many options available. MTB Australia offers travel insurance.


How much money do I need?

This is up to the individual. We do recommend that you bring money in small denominations such as $1s and $5s to allow for small food purchases in the districts during the Tour. For example a bunch of bananas may cost $2 from a roadside stall however it is unlikely that they would be able to change a $10 note. There are no ATMs outside of Dili with the exception of one in Baucau.


Is there somewhere that I can leave my bike box/bag?

Yes, we will have storage space available in Dili for you to leave bike boxes or bags. Please do not leave any valuables such as passports in this storage space.


Will my Australian phone work on roaming in TL?

Oz phones do work on roaming in Timor-Leste but the price is exorbitant. It is better to ensure your phone is not locked to a provider before you leave home, then purchase a local SIM card in Dili. There are now several phone and internet providers in Timor. Our friendly team can assist you with set up.


Can I buy a tent in Dili? What about muesli bars, gu gels and isotonic drinks?

Tents are not readily available in Dili therefore we recommend that you bring all lightweight camping gear with you from home. There are limited stocks of many international foods in Dili but if you are partial to a particular brand or food then please bring it with you from home.


What”s including in the rider packs?

Carryall Bag, TdT knicks or bibshorts, TdT tshirt, TdT race booklet, TDT water bottle and lots of other goodies to be announced closer to the event.






What time does the race start each day?

8am is the standard start time, although it is subject to change due

to weather/road conditions. It is likely that Day 2 & 4 will have an earlier start (to avoid heat of the day) as there will be no need for packdown of tents since riders will be returning to the same campsite.


Do I have to carry my own tent & equipment?

No, these will be transported in trucks organized by TdT team. The night before the Tour starts, all your gear will be placed at designated drop off point in Dili for transport to the first Campsite. On days 3 & 5 you will need to place your gear at designated drop off point in campsite for transport to the next location. For days 2 & 4, there is no need for pack down or transport as you will be returning to the same campsite.


Will I have internet access on the Tour?

Due to the remote locations we travel to during the Tour,  internet access will be limited. We encourage riders to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and if you feel the need to get in contact with the outside world then texting or calling from mobile phones is your best means.


What are the road conditions like?

Great for mountain bike riders, is the short answer! Many of the roads, particularly are 4wd only dirt roads or broken bitumen. It will be slow going for all vehicles other then mountain bikes.


Are there bike mechanics during TdT?

Yes, there will be at least three bike mechanics from Australia. There will be a bike mechanics at the end of each stage with limited spare parts for sale at cost price. They do an amazing job, often working late into the night.


Can I have my own support crew following me during the race?

No, you can’t BUT you can have friends and family join Tour de Timor as volunteers, assisting on water stations and in the campsite. The TdT campsites will only be accessible for registered riders, TdT volunteers and TdT Staff. For each stage, all riders will be supported with several water stations (staffed by both local and international volunteers) with medical staff available to assist.


Who will change my tyre if I get a flat on the road?

You will.


What’s a SAG wagon?

It’s the first vehicle behind the last rider each day. SAG wagon team will assist at the start line each morning with check-in of riders as well as pick up any riders and their bikes along the way who are unable to finish the stage. Riders will receive a DNF (did not finish) for that day but are permitted to ride again the following day.


Is there a daily sweep or cut-off time for riders?

There will be a cut off location approx 50% of the way through every day to ensure people are keeping a reasonable time to complete the stage. There will also be an end of day cut-off time at approx 4pm for those final riders that have not finished the stage.


Do I have to cook my own meals?

No, you don’t. Meals will be provided during the Tour from Tuesday lunch through til Saturday breakfast and costs are covered through your registration fee.


What kind of medical support will there be?

An international standard of medical support will be available through the Tour.

(We are currently finalizing the details and will update you as soon as possible)


Are there any hotels that I can stay in during the tour?

No. The two campsite locations are remote. The good news is that the campsite will be great, so you won’t want to stay anywhere else. There will be western toilets and shower facilities, kitchen and outdoor dining area, facilities/services including medical, massage, bike mechanics will be on-site.


What if I don’t finish one day, can I ride the next day?

Yes, you can.


Are there water stations along the way?

There will be several water stations each day. Each water station will have at least one first aid volunteer present.


Can I buy lunch along the way?

Yes, but no guarantees. We are travelling to some remote areas of the country so there will be limited opportunities to buy roadside food.


What is appropriate clothing in the districts?

You should be prepared for cool evenings (10 degrees) and always be ready for rain. Other than that it is consistently quite hot.


What is in each campsite?

Camping area, washrooms, toilets, kitchen, dining area (usually outdoors), medical facilities, physio area, bike mechanics, info booth.


Do I need to wear a helmet?

All riders must wear helmets at all times throughout TdT. No helmet, no ride.


Should I bring a camelback?

It is recommended to have the capacity to carry more water than less. There will be several water stations per stage, how you choose to carry your water is your decision.


Should I pace myself in stage 1?

Stage 1 of the tour has something for everyone. Starting in the warmth of Dili, it’s important to pace your effort based upon your training history, how you are feeling on the day and your heat acclimatisation status. Those inexperienced in multiday stage racing in warm/hot tropical conditions should race accordingly as overestimating your ability on the first stage could see you being picked up by the dreaded sag wagon, or worse, requiring treatment in the medical tent





What happens when we get back to Dili?

Many riders stay at the finish line to cheer on other riders and celebrate. Later in the day will be a medal ceremony in Dili, which you will all be invited to attend.


Is there a medals ceremony?

Yes, there is an awards ceremony late afternoon/early evening in Dili. More details will be released closer to the date.


Do I need to wash my bike?

If you are travelling back to your home country then your bike will need to be washed thoroughly and all dirt removed. Local carwash stations in Dili will be happy to assist in this area.


What merchandise or memorabilia can I purchase from TdT 2017?

There will be jerseys, tshirts, hats, water bottles and numerous other merchandise for you to purchase to remember TdT 2017. Merchandise will be available in Dili prior to the race, throughout the race in the campsites and after the race (if anything is still left) in Dili.


How do I get to the airport with my bike?

In the past TdT has provided transport with UN vehicles. Now that the UN no longer has a big presence in Timor-Leste, we are reviewing what can be done. Independent riders often used taxis and private vehicles….Stay tuned for more info here.


Is there a departure tax?

Yes, its $10US that must be paid in cash after you receive your boarding pass at the Dili Airport.


What if my bike doesn’t go on the same flight as me on my way home?

Your bike will be sent on the next available flight. For those travelling to regional destinations in Oz, please note that the bike can only be forwarded to your first point of embarkation. Therefore you will need to go back to that airport to collect your bike. We cannot offer a door to door service.


How can I express my gratitude to TdT staff and vols for another awesome Tour de Timor?

Tell the volunteers and staff what a great time you are having and thank them at every turn! They will be working tirelessly to ensure you have an incredible adventure of a lifetime.