Pre-tour Preparation

Darwin Airport Requirements for Advance Bikes on Airnorth

DRW Bike Drop off/ Pick up times
Ticket counter between 0800-1000 or 1400-1600

Outside of the above times Airnorth may not be available to assist with the processing of Bikes.

Whilst we appreciate that these times may not suit all riders, Staff priority is to manage the inbound and outbound flights in Darwin. To avoid offence due to lack of staff availability to assist or significant wait times, riders are encouraged to plan in advance to drop off/ pick with in these times.


Pick up/ drop off outside of these times will only be permitted in extenuating circumstances with prior notification.

Preparing bikes for travel

Here are the regulations from Airnorth:

  • Bikes must be suitably packed in a bike box or bag.
  • Before bikes can be accepted for carriage, they must be prepared as follows:
  • Pedals must be removed
  • Handle bars must be fixed parallel to the frame
  • Tyres must be partially deflated (due to pressurisation changes in flight)
  • If the bicycles length exceeds 180 cm, the front wheel should be removed and fixed next to the rear wheel, within the box.

The bike box/bag must have Tour de Timor sticker attached with all details completed and Declaration signed.

You can print on A4 paper and attach to the bike box if you are not travelling from Darwin.

Download Bike Sticker

The stickers will be available at Airnorth check in counter in Darwin airport from next Monday 27th August.

Bikes are to be packed with no other items in the box-no clothing or helmets

CO2 cylinders

If you wish to bring co2 cylinders then you must carry them with you (not in bike box) and have a release letter from the airline to show at check in. if you have not made this arrangement yet, please contact your airline asap.

Arrival in Dili

Any advance bikes will be collected by Mel from Dili airport and stored in locked container at Timor Lodge (TdT HQ) until your arrival in Dili.

Upon arrival in Dili airport you will need to pay $30US for 30 day visa. There is no visa card capability within the airport so please remember to have US$ ready.

TdT crew will be waiting for you outside the terminal to transfer you and your luggage to Timor Lodge (TdT HQ). If you bike was sent in advance then you can collect it from the locked storage at this time.

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